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Vibrators are Good for your Wellbeing !

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

As the batteries go flat in Billie’s vibrator in episode one of Sex/Life…… pleasure devices are so much more than just a good time between the sheets. Here are some reasons to introduce a vibrator or pleasure device to your routine.

Increases your Sexual Satisfaction

Whether you are using your pleasure device alone or with your partner, exploring your sexual pleasure leads to a better understanding of your body. Regular masturbation (with or without a device) enables you to navigate what feels good. Understanding what you enjoy is a great thing for both sexual satisfaction and enhancing the quality of your orgasm.

Enhances your Relationship

Although it seems counter intuitive introducing a pleasure device to your relationship can really enhance the intimacy between you and your partner. Strengthening communication on your desires and facilitating conversation without fear or judgement. Variety is the spice of life and exploring novel ways to get intimate together helps maintain desire and passion, especially in a long term relationship.

Boosts your Mood

The benefits of sexual climax have been well documents, and there is no surprise that orgasm sets off a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters within your brain. With increased dopamine, ensuring that you feel pleasure, desire and motivation. Serotonin released helps reduces stress and anxiety and Oxytocin (the love drug) which promotes closeness and affection. There is no surprise that this all leads to feeling calmer, relaxed and of course a better nights sleep.

That’s a BIG Yes from me !

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