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Features of We Vibe Products 

Infatuated with fun, closeness and sexual gratification. They are the global leaders of rechargeable vibrator for couples and individuals. Their ambition is to encourage the craving for mutual pleasure and intimacy on a global scale. Bringing together a combination of innovation and technology to deliver premium pleasure products, enjoyed by millions worldwide. Always pushing the boundaries and combining knowledge and human biology that deliver its mission. 

When it comes to innovative technology in the world of intimacy, the We-Vibe brand stands out for its unique features. One of the key highlights is the We Connect app, which allows couples to control their pleasure from anywhere in the world. This level of connectivity and convenience truly sets them apart from other intimacy products on the market. Whether you're in the same room or miles apart, the We-Connect app brings a whole new level of excitement and enjoyment to your intimate moments. The app enables you to control vibration and adjust the intensity of your chosen vibrator. You can even change motors of vibes that have dual motors. Aimed to deepen your connection with your partner and offering a place to play wherever your located.



If you're looking for a bit of extra excitement in the bedroom, look no further than the vibrators and wellness products offered by We Vibe. From sleek vibrators to discreet wearable devices, We Vibe has something for everyone and every couple looking to spice things up. Say goodbye to boring nights and hello to a whole new world of pleasure with We Vibe.

Products Offered by WeVibe 

We Vibe Tango X

Enhances intimacy with a Couples Vibrator

Including a couples vibrator in your intimate moments with your partner can enhance your connection. Choosing the perfect sex toy, wearable vibrator, mini vibrator or a partner-specific toy can we over whelming. The Wevibe range has several products specifically designed for couples which can bring excitement and added pleasure to your playtime.


At The Simple Pleasures some great We Vibe couple options are:


WEVIBE CHORUS COUPLES VIBRATOR is a sex toy designed especially for couples. This C-shaped vibe has a squeeze remote and is intelligent and intuitive. The wevibe chorus is the premium pleasure product for those that want the best. Check out more information here.

WEVIBE SYNC The top-selling couples vibrator by wevibe. The wevibe Sync is designed to fit comfortably against your body for hands-free stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, providing intense vibrations for both partners. A great sex toy for couples introducing a vibe for the first time.

WEVIBE PIVOT is a vibrating couples cock ring. Providing stimulation to both partners.


Enhance pleasure with Vibrators designed for Vulvas

There are many different types of female sex toys online, making it overwhelming to choose. Within the Wevibe range of vibes you can be sure to find something to suit you. Here are some of our favourites


WEVIBE NOVA 2 is the rabbit vibrator by we vibe. With a flexible arm the Nova 2 delivers powerful vibe for dual clitoral and G spot stimulation.

WEVIBE MELT was designed for couples to enjoy powerful orgasms using Pleasure Air technology. Its slender design allows Melt to be easily incorporated into sex, providing precise clitoral stimulation for increased intimacy.

WEVIBE TOUCH X is a mini massager which fits comfortably into your hand. This powerful and petite massager is keen to please. It can be used as a couples or solo vibrator, to enhance foreplay or during


The Simple Pleasures is a retailer of We Vibe sex toys in Australia. All orders are shipped fast and discreetly to your door, so you can enjoy.

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