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How to Choose the Right Yoni Egg for You

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

As our world becomes more and more automated, many of us are seeking a simpler, more connected way of being. One way of doing this is by fusing ancient wisdom into our modern practices. The jade yoni egg practice is an example of this, dating back thousands of years to when the concubines of Chinese emperors would wear the stones, believing that health, beauty and longevity could be achieved through a strong and healthy vagina.

Over the last few years these practices have soared in popularity and the amount of information available can be overwhelming for curious beginners. We thought it helpful to share some guidance on different yoni egg options, including drilled vs non-drilled, sizing, choosing the right stone, as well as safety concerns.

Safety Chakrubs only uses crystals that are deemed safe for internal use, free of dyes, glues, or radiation. All of Chakrubs yoni eggs and intimate massage wands have closed porosity, meaning that they have a negligible amount of pores on the surface level and are non-absorbent. Our products come with instructions that specify to cleanse with gentle soap and water immediately before and after use. When cleansed properly, Chakrubs yoni eggs will not harbor bacteria. The vagina is a powerful self-cleaning machine, which is why we’re able to have sex, use toys, and insert fingers without constantly risking infection. We do not recommend wearing your yoni egg all day, overnight, or while menstruating. The best way to build vaginal strength is to mindfully practice with your egg 10-15 minutes a day. Keep your yoni eggs clean by keeping them in the pouches they arrive in and storing them in a safe place. Do not store our products under your pillow as they might fall. Your yoni egg is much larger than the opening in your cervix and thus cannot get stuck or lost inside of you. Be mindful when going to the bathroom while wearing your egg as it may release unintentionally. We encourage you to consult with your doctor with further safety concerns and to always listen to your body.

Drilled vs Non-drilled Drilled yoni eggs come with a hemp string that can be looped through the holes to make extraction easy. If you are just beginning to develop kegel muscle strength or have anxieties about your ability to extract your yoni egg, the drilled option may be right for you. Drilled yoni eggs are also ideal if you’re interested in building up to vaginal weight lifting.

Non-drilled yoni eggs will require that you use your kegel strength to birth your egg or use your hand to extract it manually. Some practitioners believe that the egg will birth when it is ready and do not feel the need to use a string. Others use non-drilled yoni eggs so that they can familiarize themselves with their full range of muscular motion.

Crystals Rose – Rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra and opens us up to all types of love. It may assist in healing emotional wounds, releasing fear and resentment, and facilitate the grieving process. It is a stone of compassion that helps us recognize our beauty and worthiness.

Obsidian – Black obsidian is a protective stone that will provide a shield as you move past blocks and release traumas. It connects the mind and the heart to increase self-control and help one take responsibility for their actions. Black obsidian was used as a mirror in ancient civilizations and can be used for revealing hidden aspects of one’s self. Amethyst – Once carved into drinking gourds by the Ancient Romans to prevent drunkenness, amethyst invites clarity of mind and a peaceful disposition. A high spiritual energy and its violet hue connects with the crown chakra. This stone may be used to aid in enhancing psychic abilities and encouraging lucid dreams.

Jade – Nephrite jade is the original stone that has been used in yoni egg practices for centuries. Jade works on both an internal and external level and may assist to release negative energy and soothe the heart and mind. It may calm the nervous system, enhances the body’s filtration systems, and encourages honesty about our wants and needs.

First published by Chakrubs Freque Magazine

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