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Breathe your way to Better Sex

Updated: Jan 1

It powers our body, occurs over 960 times per hour and we can’t live without it.

Breathing !

picture of green wall and breathe sign
Breathe your way to better sex

Did you know that your breathing technique can also enhance your sex life?

Breathing is a subconscious reflex, which means it happens without conscious awareness. However, we have a common instinct that as we approach orgasm, we hold our breath and therefore restrict oxygen flow. Reducing the oxygen flow is counterproductive to the sexual response cycle and our sexual experience.

The good news is that we can train ourselves to breathe and you can breathe your way to better sex !

A great starting point is to practice during self-pleasure.

Here are a few exercises to try to enhance your mindful breath

  • As you take a deep breath try and engage your pelvic floor. These are the same muscles that contract during orgasm

  • Breathe deep and into your body. Visualise breathing all the way to your genitals which will increase your focus on this area and your sensation

  • Draw your breaths out longer to understand the impact on sensation. Understand what feels good for you.

  • Experiment with breathing, try something different and synchronise your breathing with your partner.

Most of all practice. Practice breathing. Practice self-pleasure. Practice often.

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