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Internal Stimulation: New Collection
Jade Crystal Wand Chakrub



Chakrubs are pleasure tools crafted from 100% natural crystal. The name Chakrubs derives from the work Chakra, a Sanskrit term that describes energy centres of the body that relates to how we function physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

They are designed for anyone who wants to invite intimacy and sense of sacredness to your self-pleasure.  These beautiful, hand-crafted Chakrub yoni wands tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide for your sexual pleasure.

Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo Chakrub


These premium crystal sex wands and are designed for anyone who wants to invite intimacy in to their self-pleasure practice. These gorgeous yoni wands help us recognise the beauty that we possess and remind us that we are worthy of receiving precious gifts. Many people enjoy Chakrub wands not just for the physical benefits, but because they are not as phallic as many pleasure tools on the market. 

Chakrub wands do not vibrate and warm with prolonged touch, which invites more presence into solo and partnered play. Many people have affirmed how these crystal wands have changed their approach to foreplay and self pleasure. 


First decide on which shape is most appealing to your body on a physical level. Then, select a crystal based on what you feel most drawn to or based on the crystal description and decide what energy you want to make more present in your life. If you need some help check out our blog detailing the different crystals 

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